26 agosto 2009

27-29/10/2009 – Incontro dei capi di governo del Commonwealth

commonwealthEvento: Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.
Dove: Trinidad e Tobago.
Quando: 27-29, novembre, 2009.
Informazioni:The Chogm is the supreme body of the Commonwealth. It is convened every two years to review global, political and economic developments and to conduct a strategic overview of the Commonwealth’s. The theme of CHOGM 2009 is “Partnering for a More Equitable and Sustainable Future” and the objective of the Summit is to engage the 53 leaders of the Commonwealth in discussing global and Commonwealth issues and to agree upon collective policies and initiatives.

This year, the Commonwealth Foundation’s Culture and Diversity Programme launched a major research project into culture, cultural policy and development, called “Putting Culture First”. This project is a research project which recognise the culture as a foundational pillar of development, and seeking to identify what the principal connections look like in practice.

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