17 agosto 2009

7/11-7/12/09 – Bamako Encounters, biennale Africana di fotografia in Mali

Evento:: Rencontres de Bamako, ottava biennale Africana di fotografia.
Dove: Bamako, Mali.
Quando: 7 novembre – 7 dicembre, 2009.
Comunicato stampa:Held every two years since 1994 based on research work conducted all over Africa, the Bamako Encounters, Biennial of African Photography seek to promote regional integration and facilitate North-South cultural exchanges by creating an international cultural centre in Bamako that testifies to the wealth and vitality of the photography produced on the continent.

The call for submissions expired on April 20th and was addressed toward all photographers and video artists on the African continent, regardless of where they reside. This year’s theme is Borders.
The theme is exceedingly current while also being paradoxical in a world favoring global nomadism and the partial disappearance of borders. From natural barriers to artificial lines traced across the earth, in Africa more than elsewhere, borders and their complex realities represent current problematics and the crystallizations of processes which are political, economic, sociocultural, and at this time particularly tied up with ethnic, cultural, religious and other sorts of personal and group identifications.

The 8th edition of the Bamako Encounters, African Photography Biennial has set out to get the population of Bamako more involved in the event, explore the cross-cutting nature of disciplines and languages, and reinforce the event’s influence and notoriety on the international scene so that Bamako will in time be seen as the African capital of image. Alongside the programme of exhibitions, there will be a symposium, screenings and learning trails.

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