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Africa e Mediterraneo is a biannual journal which, since 1992, has presented dossiers addressing issues relating to the culture and society of African countries and the international migrations, above all between Africa and Europe. Since 1995 it has been published by the Lai-momo Cooperative Society of Bologna. The journal is put together by an editorial team and is supported by an international scientific committee. Africa e Meidterraneo applies a peer review system in order to assess the proposed articles.

Contents and aim

The aim of the journal is to analyse and examine in depth the problems and wealth of contemporary Africa and to contribute to the intercultural awareness, taking into account the ever-closer relationship between Africa and Europe which the recent migration flows have been tightening. Applying a multi-disciplined approach, from time to time the journal addresses issues chosen via the contribution of several areas of research such as anthropology, sociology, linguistics, philosophy, cultural studies, history and literary and artistic studies…

Africa e Mediterraneo deals with the expressive and cultural vitality of contemporary Africa, not to mention the political and social implications that often help better understanding of the productions of African artists and intellectuals in various fields such as literature, cinema, journalism, the visual and performing arts…

The content of the Journal is issued in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, with a small Italian translation and an English abstract.


It is possible to buy single editions or to subscribe to Africa e Mediterraneo through the Lai-momo editor’s site (, Publishing section > Journal) For the most recent issues of the magazine it is also possible to purchase the pdf format.

Selection of the articles

The articles can be presented “on demand” from the editor or on direct proposal by the author sending them in word format to Sandra Federici (
The articles are submitted anonymously to be analysed by external referees. Every sent article must comply with the journal’s basic editorial guidelines and come complete with notes, bibliography of research and a brief word on the author. Possible images to be attached must be free from rights and sent in high resolution complete with caption and copyright notice.

Latest issue

Corno d’Africa: prospettive e relazioni

Africa e Mediterraneo n. 92-93 (1-2/20)

Il Corno d’Africa è stato a lungo identificato come una regione d’instabilità permanente, dove Stati falliti (Somalia) e frozen conflicts (Etiopia-Eritrea) facevano da cornice a fenomeni terroristi (Shabaab), espansionismo commerciale dei Paesi del Golfo, regolamenti di conti tra oligarchie regionali (Sudan, Sud-Sudan).
La pace tra Etiopia ed Eritrea del 2018 aveva suscitato speranze, ma si è rivelata essere solo un punto di partenza, soprattutto dopo l’esplosione del conflitto tra il governo dell’Etiopia e le forze armate del TPLF nella regione del Tigray, a partire dal 4 novembre 2020, con le disastrose conseguenze per decine di migliaia di persone costrette a fuggire nei campi sudanesi.

Foto di copertina: © Aïda Muluneh, The World is 9; Postcards to Asmara, 2016 photograph. Courtesy: Aïda Muluneh

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