Africa e Mediterraneo n. 86 (1/17)

They can be intentional or forced, programmed or spontaneous, successful or just wishful thinking.

Whatever they be, the returns of migrants to their country of origin are never easy. The migrants call themselves into question as well as their own migration project and expose themselves to the judgements of both the family and community. Increasingly seen as a development opportunity, thanks to the skills acquired abroad and subsequently put into action in the country of origin, voluntary returns are at the centre of a number of national and European programs. These, however, continue to struggle to take off.

The issue 86 of Africa e Mediterraneo examines the complex topic of the return, according to its various political, economic and symbolic implications. The different articles – written by scholars, specialists and workers in the sector – analyse the perception of the people involved, the policies implemented by European governments and the individual stories of those who returned home. In doing so it looks deeper into a number of specific dynamics of the host and origin countries and highlights critical points and development possibilities.

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