Africa’s books, books in Africa

Africa e Mediterraneo n. 89 (2/18)

Books, writings and the market: the 89th edition of the Africa and the Mediterranean dossier examines the current state of African publishing in the global context and the impact it has on the diversity of the local and international publishing industry in this era of globalization.

The dossier considers the reality of African literature from the perspective of its ‘normality’ and modernity as well as its legitimate and indisputable place in African and international culture. The publishing sector is, in fact, an integral part of the national identity and the cultural, social and economic development of a country. The publishing industry preserves, enhances and develops the culture of a society and its interaction with others.

The different contributions to the dossier range from the role of independent publishing to an analysis of the book chain in Africa, from the legacies of colonialism to the role of international cooperation today. It includes insights into individual case studies with a focus on countries such as Algeria, Egypt and Rwanda.

Despite the persistent fragility of the African book industry at an international, national and local level, there are many coherent and successful examples of positive experiences throughout the continent. These range from innovative book fairs that offer spaces for discussion and debate to the commitment of writers and editors in the promotion of reading and writing.

This dossier attempts to show that the African edition is by no means a cultural exception. It is a vast space of intellectual, literary and linguistic diversity.

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