Fashion and Development in Africa

Africa e Mediterraneo n. 85 (2/16)

African fashion – a generic expression that can include both the actual conception/production on the continent and the Western inspiration from styles and practices of clothing in Africa – takes on a complex and growing role on the international fashion scene and is subject to various influences.

The issue 85 of Africa e Mediterraneo examines theories and practices of African fashion, offering views and perspectives from various fields: linguistics, anthropology, economics, cultural studies.

Reflecting on the social and economic impact in African countries and on the editorial implications, the articles follow the weaves of traditional cloths – recovered and/or revisited for they evoke worlds, linguistic codes, cultures – but also of second-hand clothes originally from the West, turned into raw material for new creations.

The challenge of young African talents who make their way into the world of fashion, between tradition and experimentation, refers to the masters who first succeeded in going beyond the standardized image of “ethnic” fashion.

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