Summer School on Forced Migration and Asylum

A Multidisciplinary Approach


The Summer School of training on the issue of forced migration and asylum in Europe was held between the 11th and 16th July 2016 in Bologna at the Intercultural Center Zonarelli and training, production and welcome centre of Lama di Reno in Marzabotto (BO ). The Summer School formed a deep analysis of the fundamental issues associated with the current migration phenomenon, drawing on the instruments offered by the many disciplinary approaches that deal with the topic, such as sociology, history, etnopsychiatry, cultural and media studies, without neglecting the importance of a methodological approach directed towards praxis.

On the one hand, the Summer School provided the participants with extensive and multidisciplinary awareness, thanks to the experience and knowledge of well-known theorists and researchers of the field. On the other hand, leveraging the longstanding experience of the organizers in working for the reception and integration of migrants, the participants were acquainted to a methodological approach that is oriented to praxis; this is be done through meetings with social workers working in reception and field visits in the so-called “extraordinary reception centres” in the Province of Bologna, so that the theoretical knowledge will be complemented with the essential empirical observation of the several approaches to the practice of reception.

The School, entirely in English, was attended by 18 lecturers, international experts and professionals in this area who shadowed/followed and trained 52 social workers involved in the welcome process, students, members of international organizations and NGOs, as well as employees of public, national and European administrations.


  • 126 applications from 40 countries from all over the world;
  • 52 trained participants during 6 full-days;
  • 20 international professors and experts;
  • 34 hours of training;
  • 3 field visits in 2 Extraordinary Reception Centres and one Regional HUB;
  • 19 institutional and international partners;
  • 4.300 web visitors from 110 countries worldwide.


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