L’integrazione lavorativa di migranti e richiedenti asilo

Africa e Mediterraneo n. 88 (1/18)

Work: after years monopolized by the theme of landings and reception management, finally a new theme  – one that is concrete, positive, and “normal” – is becoming increasingly relevant in the debate on migration in Europe. For those who arrive on the Continent, integrating into the working environment represents the possibility of contributing to the economic and social life of the host country while rebuilding an independent life.

The dossier n. 88 by Africa e Mediterraneo is dedicated to the professional integration of migrants and asylum seekers, addressed through its economic, social and political aspects, thanks to the contributions of professors and experts in the sector. Among the ideas proposed: a focus on current European employment policies, the analysis of concrete cases in Italy and Sweden, a deepening of discrimination, the complex issue of recognition of qualifications and academic certificates.

Data and scientific evidence highlights the need to structure longer-term actions, aimed at rapid and unrestricted integration into the European labour market, focusing on education, training and structured pathways. An integration which, given the demographic aging of Member States and labour shortages, may prove to be an investment in the future for the host societies themselves.

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