Stories from across the sea


While mass media represent migration through images often linked to fear and suffering, the Shores project intends to tell this phenomenon in a different way. On the basis of personal stories of migrants now living in Italy and of young people dreaming Europe from Tunisia, Shores wants to cross four artists’ points of view coming from both shores of the Mediterranean sea in order to offer the audience two short reportage in mixed technique comics and photography.


Shores is a cooperation project between Africa e Mediterraneo and the Tunisian association Fanni Raghman Anni funded by the international programme Tandem Shaml promoted by the MitOst foundation (Berlin), Culture Resource (Arab Region) and the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam).

The project foresees a first phase of research and co-creation in Bologna. Together with the project managers, a Tunisian photographer and an Italian comic artist meet some asylum seekers living in the area of the Bologna metropolitan city in occasion of learning, creative or and convivial every-day life activities such as Italian classes or artistic workshops. Artists will work on the basis of material gathered in these moments to create a short reportage in mixed technique comics and photography about integration and intercultural dialogue.

The second phase of the project is carried on in Tunisia following the same structure: other two artists – a Tunisian photographer and an Italian comic artist – meet young migrants-to-be and families of migrants who left for Europe, together with the project managers. From material gathered during these meetings, artists will develop together a short reportage showing the reasons pushing young people to leave their country and their expectative on their future in Europe.

The third phase of the Shores project consists in the promotion of the two four-hands reportage created by Tunisian and Italian artists on a Tumblr created to this effect and disseminated through both associations’ social media channels.