Italy and the Common European Asyllum System

Africa e Mediterraneo n. 80 (1/14)

In 2014 the movements of forced migrants seem to have assumed historic significance. Syria, Libya, Sahel, Iraq, Somalia and Eritrea, Nigeria, Ukraine… The world is in a state of turmoil and, even if the destabilizing factors are diversified and are rooted in more or less distant causes, the consequence on the affected people always seems to be the same: to search for refuge elsewhere, if possible in Europe.

Beyond the sheer volume and the percentages of asylum seekers and the real pressure on the various Mediterranean countries and Europe, the leadership of Italy comes to light through the media. Italy, on finding itself having to supervise the border with Africa, not knowing how to take a strategically coherent position with regard to the influx of refugees in Europe, has decided to do something: to save the people from dying at sea.

It has done this, wilfully, for a number of months, even moving into international waters, despite the operational costs being very high and not being split with other States and in spite of it not yet being able to develop policy recommendations on what to do after these people are saved.

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