Food, Intercultural Issues, Africa

Africa e Mediterraneo n. 81 (2/14)

Every man has to eat in order to survive. The necessity to get sufficient and always better food has shaped the human behavior along the centuries and has made food a central feature in every culture, assigning great socio-economic and political power to it. Being the power of food so wide, it would be rather difficult to account for all perspectives available on the topic: therefore, some disciplines have been chosen over others to provide a fairly complete overview of the different ways food is analyzed as a fundamental moment of human life.

Thanks to the great work of the two scholars who have edited this issue, Francesca Romana Paci and Anna Casella Paltrinieri, the contributions published on the Issue No. 81 of the magazine Africa e Mediterraneo provide a detailed and diverse account of the different aspects of food in the African continent.

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