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Lai-momo is a limited liability non-profit cooperative, constituted in 1995 by a group of academics, teachers, and researchers with the aim of enabling intercultural knowledge, in particular between Africa and Italy. The activities of the cooperative are:
- Publication of the quarterly journal about the culture and society of African countries named “Africa e Mediterraneo
- Realisation of exhibitions about African cultural expression and immigration: art, photography, handicraft and applied arts (cartoon strips, design).
- Realisation of projects about intercultural dialogue, education on development, study and change on immigration.
- Organisation of refresher courses for teachers, meetings, conferences.
- Book publications.


Lai-momo cooperative society

V. Gamberi 4

40037 Sasso Marconi (Bo)

Tel. (+39) 051 840166

Fax. (+39) 051 6790117

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