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Tingatinga painters' exhibition

In collaboration with CEFA

1st - 14th July 2000, Sasso Marconi, Bologna

The word “Tingatinga” comes from the surname of the Mozambican artist Edward Saidi Tingatinga (1932-1972), who started his career as an artist in Dar-es-Salaam during the '60s. He reinvented the themes of the African fauna and introduced the use of acrylic colours. An art school and a cooperative have been founded from his experience, and its representatives have creatively widened and varied his chromatic heritage.
The production is extremely diversified and ranges from the decoration of glasses, plates and signs to the creation of art pieces full of meanings and messages. The Cooperative is composed by a certain number of well known artists and a lot of apprentices working with them. They work with every kind of surface and reproduce a lot of animals’ silhouettes, which surely identify the tingatinga style: homogeneous colour background, thick contours and a tendency for a strong colour contrast.
These artists have realised a deep analysis of the society they live in, giving an extremely interesting and creative representation that is a clear sign of the vitality and cultural evolution of the African contintent.
The catalogue of the exhibition has been published: “ Tinga Tinga, forms and colours in a different world”.

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