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Shikhani - personal exhibition

The exhibition shows the works of the Mozambican artist Shikhani. Pais Ernesto Shikhani was born in 1934 in Muvesha (today Nyongonyane), 50 km north of Maputo. In the '60s he attended the school Nucleo de Arte in Maputo, where he had the Portuguese sculptor Lobo Fernandes as a professor. He made his first exposition in 1968 in Matalana. In 1970 he started working as a painter and he moved to Beira, an important costal city where he lived for 27 years; he has also opened a house-atelier in the Bairro Macurungo, where he taught drawing in the art gallery of the city. Shikhani has a relevant role in the Mozambican artistic environment and we can find many works of him at the National Art Musem and in various international collections.

12th June – 4th July 2004
Villa Caldogno (VI), during the initiative Africa art laboratories in collaboration with Heritage and with the support of the City Hall of Caldogno.

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