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New arrivals exhibition

The exhibition shows the works created for New Arrivals: Comics on immigration in the enlarged Europe. A Nigerian student in Siena, a Chinese home help in Cyprus, an adolescent of African origin in Malta, two young Ukrainians in Barcelona, an Iranian journalist requesting asylum in Italy, a Spanish farmer: the stories of New Arrivals, drawn by African artists, explore a multicultural enlarged Europe, where the themes of work, freedom of expression and fulfilling one’s dreams are interwoven with the problem of identity that migrants are facing in their new lives. These are tales of exclusion and integration in European society, where a welcoming attitude towards immigrants lives alongside reactions of fear and distrust.The book of New Arrivals is edited by Sandra Federica and Andrea Marchesini Reggiani.

The stories of New Arrivals:

- Simon Mbumbo, West, a land of hope! (concept and script by C.N.Edimo)

- Adjim Danngar, The plague of kings (concept and script by Marcello Toninelli)

- Didier MadaBD, The colours of the world (concept and script by Marcello Toninelli)

- Pat Masioni, No strawberries for Don Miguel! (concept by J. Pérez Cepero, J. C. Leòn Jariego and O. Vàzquez Aguado; script by Eyoum Nganguè)

- Fifi Mukuna, The boy with two mums (concept by Natalie Yiaxi; script by Davide Barzi)

- Willy Zekid, Gio Batta, the black Maltese slave (concept by Simon Mercieca; script by Davide Barzi)

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The comics of New Arrivals are available on the website of the editor Lai-momo (, or can be directly ordered from the association Africa e Mediterraneo.


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