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Common values exhibition

Love and forgiveness, non violence, respect of the other, generosity and non discrimination: these are the five values of the exhibition Common Values, set up with the comics created by the illustrators of the association L’Afrique Dessinée.
The exhibition is part of the social integration project “Common Values. The meeting point between religions and system of secular thought through comics for the integration of immigrants”,
Four partner countries (Italy, France, Spain and Belgium) have participated to the European project (co-financed by the European Commission – Programme INTI 2003); this is realised in Padova by Africa e Mediterraneo and Cooperativa Lai momo, with the collaboration of Agronomi Senza Frontiere, A.C.S., and the support of Regione Veneto and its local institutions (City hall, Province of Padova and University of Padova).


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The comics of Common Values are available on the website of the editor Lai-momo ( in the section publishing > African comics ), or can be directly ordered from the association Africa e Mediterraneo.


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