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Art from Eritrea - Roots and diaspora
Exhibition of contemporary Eritrean artists.

For the first time, the work of contemporary Eritrean artists who are resident in Italy and/or in Eritrea has been collected thanks to an initiative of cooperation, which aims to encourage its diffusion through the promotion of the artistic production of the country, firstly in Italy and then in Europe.
During the subsequent phases, the project “Art from Eritrea - Roots and Diaspora” aims to improve the creative capacity of the Eritrean art, still alive after decades of wars and colonization and the relative cultural and technological isolation.



With the collaboration of the journal “Africa e Mediterraneo”, the association “Heritage” has significantly contributed to the set up of this big collective exhibition, which has been realised from the 15th June to the 7th July 2002 in Caldogno, Vicenza.
Through the intervention of many experts, the exhibition has been also an occasion for information about other aspects of the Eritrean cultural life, like literature, music, archaeology, cinema, handicraft and typical food.

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It is possible to buy the catalogue of the exhibition on the website in the section publishing > art and interculture, or directly ordering it from the association Africa e Mediterraneo


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