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African pencils

Exhibition of comic strip and satirical cartoon from all over Africa. Aula Magna of the Academy of Fine Arts
Bologna 16th March – 30th April 2002

CEFA – Coop. Lai-momo – Africa e Mediterraneo
With the co- financing of the European Union – DG Sviluppo

The exhibition African Pencils has been the first of this kind in Italy, and in Europe as well if we consider the fact that it presents together different authors from different geographical areas and with different backgrounds. The African comics, represented by more than 70 artists, most of whom unpublished in Italy, is seen as an international cultural phenomenon with a high potential, capable of involving every aspect of the African reality, not only the artistic one: for instance we can mention painting, advertising, music, daily press, actual problems like the diffusion of the HIV epidemic and the illiteracy, oral tradition, mass media, magic, and literature; these have not been listed in a neat way but just in a chaotic one in order to underline that comics are a global cultural expression, which is able to answer, in its own way, to every question and request. The exposition shows the original drawings submitted by African artists and reproductions of the works that have been already published during the past years.

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It is possible to buy the catalogue of the exhibition on the website in the section publishing > African comics, or directly ordering it from the association Africa e Mediterraneo


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