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Africa comics exhibition

The exhibition shows a selection of works collected for the “Africa e Mediterraneo Award for best unpublished comic strip by African author”. The topics that can be treated by the artists are organised in three sections: “free subject”, “human rights” and “stories of migration”. The exhibition shows complete comic strips, accompanied by captions with a brief description of the story and a presentation of the author.
Furthermore, the possibility to find comic strips from all over Africa is an excellent tool in order to comprehend African modernity through its expressions of creativity.

"I bring up my Nigerian experience to address this extraordinary exhibition of Africa Comics as an event of cultural importance. This exhibition can teach us many things, not least of which is that it is a sure indication that the remarkable proliferation of genres of contemporary visual culture from Africa is no longer a local phenomenon, but an integral part of the expanding global public sphere. [...] We encounter a multiplicity of comics styles (from political cartoons to pop-cultural formats), brought together from Francophone, Anglophone and Lusophone African countries and written in either those languages or in African languages such as Swahili and Tigrinya, in full recognition that signs of visual production in Africa are not arbitrary, but constantly constituted as modes of discursive practice that encompass so much more than the graphic mark."
Okwul Enwezor is an internationally known researcher and curator of African contemporary art. He has been also the artistic Director of Documenta X1, Kassel, Germany, in 2002.

Technical data

The exhibition is composed by around 20 pictures 50x70 and 70x100 cm, with wood frames, unbreakable crilex, narrative captions and introductive panel.

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